Over the previous years, there has been a noticeable increase in quackery in the practice of Nursing in Nigeria. This has greatly tarnished the image of professional nurses and have a negative impact on the perception of nurses in Nigeria.

In early 2024, we at NCI launched a full-fledged campaign against quackery in Nursing in Nigeria. Starting with the adoption of the mantra “no gree for anybody” pointing out that NCI will not take it easy with the quacks who are parading themselves as nurses.

In furtherance to this, we began making plans for our short film titled “Alabeere”, a movie about quackery, and educating the public on ensuring they are not careless about their health, an act which could lead to loss of lives. We also encourage the public through social media to join this campaign.

The movie was eventually premiered on NCI Youtube Channel on the 6th of May, 2024 and has received wide acceptance from the general public.

NCI still continues on the mission of fighting against quackery, clearing misconceptions about nurses and promoting the public profile of Nurses in Nigeria.