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Mentors and Mentees Room

What is NCI Mentorship Program?

Mentorship program at Nursing Conception Initiative (NCI) is a free program for Student Nurses running either college or University Nursing program. Registered Nurses (New Grads and Experienced) also benefit from the mentorship program.

The field of nursing is growing and transforming with lots of initiative and career opportunities and progression, you shouldn’t be left behind. The program puts into consideration your interest in either bedside or non-bedside nursing as well as qualities that makes you a great match to your mentor for your future goals.

With myriads of specialties and area to develop your skills and knowledge,  prior non-nursing skills and knowledge are also aligned to your goals.

New Grad Nurses also get first hand information on job and career opportunities.

What makes NCI Mentorship Program unique?

At NCI we balance our mentorship program with a key word – “Ikigai”. This is a Japanese concept that gives meaning even to our dearest profession. They are four elements that gives this balance:

  • what you love (your passion)
  • what the world needs (your mission)
  • what you are good at (your vocation) and
  • what you can get paid for (your profession).

Keeping this at heart,  our mentorship program will assist in discovering and developing these elements.

NCI mentorship program is a free membership program. After a successful period of mentorship you become Alumni of the program and a mentor for others.

Eligibility for this program

  •  Nursing Student in an approved College /University
  • Registered Nurse (New Grads)
  • Experienced Nurse (Clinical and non-clinical)
  • Evidence from NMCN portal of being a student Nurse / license for Registered nurse.

Application would solely be via NCI official website. Successful applicants would be reached out to via email.

Ensure to fill application form completely and correctly.

Register as a Mentee

Get mentored by Senior nurses, fly with the wings of those who held the lamp before you.

Become a Mentor

Assist others in reaching the peak of their potentials. Be the guiding light in their journey.

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