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NCI Challenge

Nursing Creators Challenge

Are you the next nursing creator of the month?

BUrari Imoleayo

Promote Nursing and Win Big

How to Participate

  • Create a video aimed at promoting the image of nursing (videos can be inform of comedies, Vlogs, educational content to debunk rumors, correct misconceptions etc.)
  • Tag @nursing_ci by adding them as a collaborator (if you don’t know how to do this kindly watch a YouTube tutorial on how to add a page as collaborator on Instagram)
  • Your video will be reviewed, if your collaboration is accepted then you’ve made an entry 😊😊😊!!! (you can make as many entries as possible.
  •  Winner will be announced on the last day of every month


  •  All content must adhere to NMCN and NANNM standards for nursing practice.
  •  Abuse of uniform is highly prohibited

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