On the 6th May 2024, the International Nurses Day, the Nursing Conception Initiative (NCI), Nigeria released the anticipated and powerful thought-provoking movie titled “Alábẹ́rẹ́” via their channel on Youtube.

The title of the short film, Alábẹ́rẹ́, which means ‘the one who wields the needle (injection)’ is aimed at fighting quackery which has become an endemic problem in Nigeria as well as showing what nurses are not. It also educates the public on the dangers of patronizing unknown, unregistered, and wrong health personnel during health-related problems and the benefit of making wise choices about their health.

“Alábẹ́rẹ́” unfolds against the backdrop of the serene and culturally rich city of Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, where the lush landscapes and vibrant traditions provide a compelling setting for the characters’ experiences. The film, produced by Oluwatobi Omolere and directed by Benedict Omotola features a talented ensemble cast, including seasoned performers and emerging talents, who breathe life into their roles, capturing the essence of the movie.

The movie currently has over 6 thousand views and the NCI channel is fast growing with more than a thousand subscribers.

Nursing Conception Initiative is committed to promoting the public profile of nurses in Nigeria, promoting what nursing truly is, and clearing misconception staining the profile if nurses in Nigeria. We continue to seek the support of the public and nursing professionals in promoting this movie to reach every home and everyone and save more lives.

Have you seen the movie “Alábẹ́rẹ́”? Now’s a good time to see it if you haven’t. Drop your favorite line in the comments section, spread the word and you’ll be saving lives, and subscribe for more educative content.

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