In halls of healing, where hearts are kind,
Where compassion dwells and strength defined,
There walks a hero, gentle and sage,
A beacon of hope in this modern age.

With tender hands and a resolute stare,
Nursing with courage, beyond compare,
A guardian of comfort, a healer’s embrace,
Navigating darkness with grace.

Through sleepless nights and endless toil,
A champion of health, their spirit loyal,
They stand in the frontlines, facing the storm,
With a dedication that never shall deform.

Amidst chaos and trials, they remain composed,
Caring for souls, where pain has imposed,
Guiding the weary through anguish and fears,
Dispelling doubts, and wiping away tears.

Their touch brings solace, their voice a balm,
As they offer solace, like a healing psalm,
In each gentle act, a connection forms,
A bridge of empathy, through life’s storms.

From birth to twilight, in every age,
They tend to wounds with unwavering gauge,
Embracing vulnerability, shattering despair,
Embodying compassion, beyond compare.

Nursing with courage, an unwritten vow,
Their hands extend love, as they disallow,
Suffering to triumph, pain to subsist,
For in their hearts, the essence of this tryst.

Oh, nursing with courage, an art so rare,
The world is forever in your debt, we declare,
For you heal with grace, when hope is austere,
Your presence is a testament, eternally sincere.

So let us honor those who wear the white,
Their calling noble, their souls alight,
For in the realm of healing, they’re the sage,
Nursing with courage, in this modern age.

Nr. Reuben Zirahgi Markus
BNSc., Dip.NUD, RN, RM, MSc. PH (in view)

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