In a world that’s constantly evolving, nurses are no longer confined to traditional roles within the healthcare system. They are emerging as entrepreneurs and innovators, leveraging their skills and creativity to make a significant impact beyond the walls of the hospital. In one of the online sessions of Nursing Conception Initiative (NCI) “Beyond Nursing,” Nr. Omoniyi Christianah took us through exploring the realm of entrepreneurship and personal development.

Setting the Stage

The session began with an invocation, acknowledging the opportunity to learn and seeking guidance for an enlightened understanding. Attendees were encouraged to affirm their commitment to gaining clarity, direction, insight, and understanding. Nr. Omoniyi Christianah humorously noted that while the session wasn’t about promoting violence, participants were advised to be ready to engage fully to avoid being caught off guard.

Identifying Nurse Categories

The speaker identified two categories of nurses: nurse entrepreneurs and nurses aspiring to be entrepreneurs. The message was clear: regardless of the category, nurses need to have an additional source of income beyond their regular nursing role. The session aimed to dispel myths about balancing nursing and entrepreneurship and shed light on the possibilities that lie ahead.

Embracing Entrepreneurship

The focus shifted to nursepreneurs, nurses who have ventured into entrepreneurship. The speaker emphasized that while nursing is demanding, nurses must differentiate between true entrepreneurship and mere side hustles. It was pointed out that building a global brand requires a commitment beyond just earning quick money during school days.

Challenging Beliefs

Attendees were encouraged to challenge their beliefs and self-imposed limitations. The speaker urged nurses to take control of their thoughts and believe in their ability to manage both nursing and business responsibilities. Using humor and anecdotes, Nr. Omoniyi Christianah motivated nurses to realize that their potential extends far beyond the challenges they face.

Seizing the Advantage

As student nurses, participants were reminded that they possess a unique advantage. With fewer responsibilities, students can make mistakes and learn from them. The importance of gradually expanding one’s mindset and routine for future growth was underscored.

Non-Negotiables for Nursepreneurs

Five non-negotiable elements for nursepreneurs were highlighted: a supportive business community, mentors or coaches, financial management skills, time and thought management, and the importance of taking well-deserved breaks.

Diverse Avenues for Contribution

The session also focused on aspiring nurses who wish to contribute beyond their nursing roles. Attendees were encouraged to identify their strengths and passions, such as teaching, research, activism, or specialized care. The key message was to tap into their unique abilities and impact lives in various ways.

Exploring Creativity and Innovation

The speaker emphasized that not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. However, everyone has the potential to contribute uniquely. Attendees were encouraged to embrace creativity and innovation in their chosen areas of interest. The importance of discovering one’s strengths and specialties within nursing was underscored.


The “Beyond Nursing” session offered a powerful message of empowerment and growth for nurses. By breaking the boundaries of traditional roles and embracing entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative expression, nurses can elevate their careers and contribute to the world in remarkable ways. The session left attendees with a sense of possibility and the belief that they are capable of far more than they might have imagined.

The content presented in this blog post is based on a summary of the “Beyond Nursing” session given by Nr. Omoniyi Christianah which was held at NCI’s WhatsApp community, you can download the contents of the session below.

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