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Nursing Conception Initiative

excellence in Nursing

We are influencing a generation of young nursing individuals who are proud of what they do, devoid of inferiority complex and command resolute respect.


We are committed to empowering nurses by providing them with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to excel in their profession. Through our various activities and initiatives, we aim to equip young nurses with the tools to embrace their role fully and unleash their potentials.


We strive to bring about positive transformation in the field of nursing. By promoting a sense of pride, confidence, and respect within the nursing community, we aim to elevate the profession and shape the future of healthcare in Nigeria


We foster a supportive community where nurses can find encouragement, guidance, and camaraderie. Recognizing the importance of a strong support system, we provide a platform for nurses to connect, share experiences, and uplift one another.

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About Us

Nursing Conception Initiative (NCI) is dedicated to empowering nurses and promoting the public profile of nurses in Nigeria. Our mission is to raise a generation of confident and respected nurses who are proud of their profession.

We provide reorientation programs, online discussions, and support networks to equip nurses with the knowledge and resources they need to excel. By dispelling misconceptions and promoting excellence, we elevate the status of nursing and create a community of support and inspiration. Join us as we shape the future of nursing in Nigeria. Together, we can make a lasting impact on healthcare.

Our Services

Physical and Online Sessions

Single Stories

Dispelling common misconceptions about nurses.

Opportunities in Nursing

Discussions on Nursing opportunities and specialties

Champions Gathering

You have the power to pull through

Nurses MeetUp

Meet NCI Members in your localty

Mentorship Channel

Join our mentorship network as a mentee or mentor

Beyond Nursing

Nursing and Other Apects of Life

Nursing Creators Challenge

Are you the next nursing creator of the month?

Nursing Quotes

A Nursing Scholar Once Said:

Motivational Quotes for Nurses

Motivational Quotes for Nurses

We are expecting you

Become a guest speaker at NCI Vodcast

NCI Vodcast session is a video podcast session where individuals with valuable knowledge and resources related to nursing profession have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge for the benefit of nurses and the public in general.

Excellence in You!

Be a part of us

We are a community of nurses, bringing out the best in Nurses and writing the stories of nurses. Join the train…

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