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In the “Beyond Nursing” session, we will explore the diverse aspects of nursing that go beyond traditional patient care. This session will shed light on the entrepreneurial, innovative, and creative endeavors undertaken by nurses in various fields. Nurses are utilizing their unique perspectives, skills, and experiences to make a significant impact on healthcare systems and the society as a whole.

The session will feature stories of nurse entrepreneurs who have identified unmet needs in healthcare, their environment and developed innovative solutions. These nurse-led startups and ventures are revolutionizing the industry and society by introducing groundbreaking products, services, and technologies. Through their entrepreneurial spirit, nurses are not only delivering exceptional patient care but also driving positive change by improving efficiency, enhancing patient outcomes, and transforming the overall healthcare experience.

In addition to entrepreneurship, nurses are actively engaging in research and innovation. They are collaborating with professionals from diverse disciplines and contributing to the development of cutting-edge healthcare technologies. 

The “Beyond Nursing” session will also highlight the creative solutions and approaches nurses are employing to address the evolving challenges in healthcare. Whether it’s designing patient education tools, establishing online platforms for professional development, or implementing novel care delivery models, nurses are harnessing their creativity to develop effective and efficient solutions.

Join us in this session as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of nurse entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators. Together, we will explore the inspiring stories and remarkable contributions of nurses who are reshaping the future of healthcare through their entrepreneurial mindset, innovative thinking, and creative solutions.

Summary of “Beyond Nursing” Session by Nrs Omoniyi Christiana

In a world that's constantly evolving, nurses are no longer confined to traditional roles within the healthcare system. They are emerging as entrepreneurs and innovators, leveraging their skills and creativity
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