About Us

Nursing Conception Initiative as the name implies was inspired by several conceptions and misconceptions that affect the benevolent profession of Nursing. We are committed to shaping the public profile of our caring profession. It involves how the world sees nurses and how nurses see themselves. Join us in this wonderful adventure

Year of Establishment: 2015 at Nursing Lecture Theatre 1 (Part Time Class), Obafemi Awolowo University College of Health Sciences.

Founder of NCI: Tobi Omolere (RN)

He’s a public health nurse with special interest in occupational health and health of people living with disabilities. He had his bachelor of Nursing science degree at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.
His life has been filled with several remarkable experiences but being a nurse is the greatest of them all.

Email: omolereoluwatobi@gmail.com
Twitter: Maxiomolere
Instagram: tobi_omolere
Lindkn: Omolere Maxi Oluwatobi

Departments in NCI

Video content creators

They are responsible for all video contents produced by NCI. Their videos can be found on our website, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts. It is Headed by Foyin Akinbinu

Graphic artist

They are responsible for editing all videos created by the VCC and the making of our flyers, posters, web banner and Website experience. It is Headed by Ademola Arowona

Program planning and execution

They plan and execute all NCI programs such as seminars, webinars , conferences, orientation, dinners and other social gathering. It is Headed by Ibukun Ogundele.

Content Writing department

They write every article produced by NCI. It includes poems, news, articles etc. It is Headed by Okunade Praise.

Social Media Influencers

They ensure that our contents and messages get to the general public. They gather traffic for our social media accounts and website. It is Headed by Emmanuel chiemerie Orinya

Audio Podcasting Department

Not currently available, coming soon



Adewumi Adeleke (Recruitments)

Igbelowowa Tomi ( Supervision)

Clement Oni (Strategy)