Nursing school, a path so true,
A journey filled with work to do.
A dream of helping others heal,
A goal that students must reveal.

But oh, the frustration that we face,
With every assignment, every test to chase.
A burden heavy on our minds,
The struggle hard to leave behind.

We pour our hearts into our work,
With every late night and each early perk.
But still, the load just won’t subside,
And every time, our hopes just collide.

We dream of better days ahead,
When all the studying will finally end.
When we can put our skills to use,
And care for those who need our muse.

So hold on tight, dear students and be brave,
And never let frustration hold you its slave.
For in the end, it will all pay,
And you’ll be a nurse one day!

A. A. Badmus (08/02/2023)

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